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Xam'd are depicted as a mysterious type of being related to what is known as Humanform Weapons. Xam'd forms appear to be made of a combination of organic and mineral elements, similar to Humanforms, though they do not appear to be strictly one or the other. It is revealed by Lady Sannova that the Xam'd were created to oppose the Hiruken Emperor, in the hope of one 'complete' Xam'd forming, and ultimately defeating him.




Xam'ds are created by instilling or implanting a Hiruko into a human host. Immediately after this, the emotions of the human host and the Hiruko struggle to become in tune with each other. Most hosts lose their identity during the struggle, as any sort of emotional imbalance or loss of focus will lead to madness.

If the human host and Hiruko are able to become in tune with each other, the host would be able to transform from their human and Xam'd forms at will and wield the power of the Hiruko within them. To become a fully realized Xam'd requires rigorous training and constant aware of self. When a Xam'd becomes complete their Hiruko will become blue.


Those who do not regain their sense of self, however, will eventually become a Humanform, gaining a more monstrous appearance and becoming impossible to reason with. The only ways to stop them at this stage is to kill them, thereby turning them to stone, or implant an Ututu seed inside of them to forcefully revert the host back to their human form.

On the other hand, if a Xam'd is to suffer physical or psychological damage, they will begin to grow veins of purple crystal throughout their bodies. If the process is uninterrupted, the crystal will then cover their body completely and turn the Xam'd to stone. If any other living things are to be in contact with the Xam'd during this process, they will also be overtaken by the crystal. The healing process from this could take years to complete, as shown when Akiyuki returns from his stone prison after 9 years.

Known Xam'd[]


  • Akiyuki Takehara is the first Xam'd to appear in the series. He is also the first to relinquish his Xam'd powers.
  • The Test-Type Xam'd was the first Xam'd to die in the series.
  • In the words of the ancients, Xam’d was once known as 'Xam’dyunda', meaning 'Guiding Hand'.

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